"Kiddo, the only thing you'll ever save me from is boredom." —Xigbar on Roxas's combat ability


the Nobody of Braig and is Rank II within Organization XIII. Xigbar has power over space, and uses this to freely redirect the projectiles from his twin “Arrowgun” rifles, and to alter the battlefield. He commands the Sniper Nobodies.


He contains half of Xehanort within him. Organization XIII’s Number II. Nothing else about him has come to light. Even Axel had little to no information.

Xigbar wears the usual Organization garb of a black cloak, black boots, and black gloves, though his cloak is distinguishable by more pointed shoulders and the fact that it sags at his shoulders. The sleeves of his cloak are also somewhat closer-fitting than normal, though not as close as Axel’s. In terms of facial features, Xigbar sports gold eyes, pointed, elf-like ears, upturned eyebrows, and dark hair with several grey streaks tied into a long ponytail.


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